New blogger in town!

You can find Dutch people all around the globe. In the smallest little villages there is always someone Dutch or with Dutch roots. I have experienced that over the years living in different places like Barcelona, San Francisco and now San Diego. I love to travel and have made it my job. Guiding/touring people around in fascinating places. That is not work, that is a blessing!

My name is Nathalie d’Adelhart Toorop. Yes! From the famous artist Jan Toorop and painter Charlie Toorop. I was born in Utrecht, the Netherlands, I am half Dutch/half Indonesian.
What I miss most about the Netherlands is my family and my moms mean meatballs, bitterballen, a cold beer on a terrace on a warm summer night, Dutch festivals and the polonaise (a ceremonial march like dance).
What I love about the US is the beautiful nature, beaches, the courtesy of people, nobody asks about your age or your salary, people applaud it when you start something new, a good old fashioned hamburger and a milkshake, family traditions, Halloween and Thanksgiving, and so much more.

For the Dutch in San Diego website John (the heartbeat behind Dutch in San Diego and the Dutch meetup) and I thought it would be fun if I would write once a month about something in the San Diego area from a Dutch angle. Being Dutch brings great perspective on things and why not share that to whomever is interested?

To be continued.

Nathalie d’Adelhart Toorop
Adelhart Tours & Events

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