Tour de Clipper Stad Amsterdam

Op dinsdag 13 februari a.s. is er – speciaal voor de Nederlandse gemeenschap- een tour georganiseerd op de Clipper Stad Amsterdam. De tour is van 16.30 – 17.30 uur. Wil jij van deze unieke gelegenheid gebruik maken om dit schip van dichtbij te kijken? Stuur je RSVP dan naar: nathalie@adelhart.com

Meer informatie:

On Tuesday February 13th, from 4.30 – 5.30 pm there is a special tour scheduled for the Dutch community. This is your chance to see the Clipper up close and personal. Please send your RSVP to: nathalie@adelhart.com

More information:

NOTE: Parking may not be easy and certainly you must pay the meter fees or the fees at the parking lot at Seaport Village.


New blogger in town!

You can find Dutch people all around the globe. In the smallest little villages there is always someone Dutch or with Dutch roots. I have experienced that over the years living in different places like Barcelona, San Francisco and now San Diego. I love to travel and have made it my job. Guiding/touring people around in fascinating places. That is not work, that is a blessing!

My name is Nathalie d’Adelhart Toorop. Yes! From the famous artist Jan Toorop and painter Charlie Toorop. I was born in Utrecht, the Netherlands, I am half Dutch/half Indonesian.
What I miss most about the Netherlands is my family and my moms mean meatballs, bitterballen, a cold beer on a terrace on a warm summer night, Dutch festivals and the polonaise (a ceremonial march like dance).
What I love about the US is the beautiful nature, beaches, the courtesy of people, nobody asks about your age or your salary, people applaud it when you start something new, a good old fashioned hamburger and a milkshake, family traditions, Halloween and Thanksgiving, and so much more.

For the Dutch in San Diego website John (the heartbeat behind Dutch in San Diego and the Dutch meetup) and I thought it would be fun if I would write once a month about something in the San Diego area from a Dutch angle. Being Dutch brings great perspective on things and why not share that to whomever is interested?

To be continued.

Nathalie d’Adelhart Toorop
Adelhart Tours & Events

Hartelijk Welcom!

Welcome to the website for the Dutch Group of San Diego (Dutch San Diego). This group began in 2004 when I created a meetup group to meet other folks of Dutch Heritage and hopefully to learn some Dutch.

As a first generation American born of a Dutch mother, I wanted to connect with that part of my heritage more and hopefully learn the language. I enjoyed travelling in Europe and meeting relatives in the country.

I am not conversational in the language yet, practice and life continue to distract me, but I am making progress a little at a time and now we have an involved Dutch community in San Diego.

The Meetup Group – Dutch San Diego –  is still the core of the communication of events, but I thought it would be good to expand out a bit and obtain the webpage and post some information this way as well for those who are not Meetup Members.